We know the trip into London is a big one for most of you. Last time we had members of the Twitch Community from all over the UK, Europe and further! Including a few of our American and Asian friends! It's fantastic to see everyone so excited for these events and we couldn't be more proud to host them for you.

 We want to make the weekend of Twitch London as great as we can for you. So we have organised something extra special! Everyone is free to join us for an hour of Ice Skating @ the Somerset House outdoor Ice Rink!

Then some food from the Wintertime Market on the Southbank near the Royal Festival Hall. Emily and Freddy (the Twitch London organisers) are both going to be there to join in getting our knees and bums wet on the ice.

 It's going to be a great chance to meet each other and make some friends before the big event on Saturday!

 Grab your tickets for the 16th of November 1.45 - 2.45pm time slot

 It's going to be cold so bring some nice warm clothes and some thick socks! Can't wait to see you there!